Chesil Beach Visitors Centre



General Information

The following general information may help you plan your visit to Chesil Beach:

  • Much of the section of Chesil Beach adjacent to the Fleet between Ferrybridge and Abbotsbury Swannery is closed from 1st April to 31st August to avoid disturbance to nesting birds. In particular, please do not enter the enclosed area around the little tern nests at Ferrybridge. Full details of access arrangements can be found here.

  • Access to the Beach is at Chiswell on Portland, Ferrybridge at the Visitors Centre, Abbotsbury, West Bexington, Cogden, Burton Bradstock and West Bay. These access points are open all year round.

  • The only access points to the top of the beach for disabled visitors are at Chiswell, Abbotsbury and West Bexington. There is a walkway at the Visitors Centre across the creek, but not to the top of the beach.

  • Please do not let your dog run loose on the sand flats as this can cause considerable disturbance to the feeding birds.

  • Please do not remove any pebbles, we need them to ensure Weymouth’s survival. The beach is no longer being replenished by natural means.

  • We try to keep the area around the Centre free of litter so you can gain full enjoyment from your visit. Please help us by taking your litter home when you leave.

  • There is a large pay and display car park adjacent to the Visitors Centre. The surface is chalk and gravel and in the winter this can get a little uneven and puddles form.


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