Fleet Study Group


This page lists publications either by members of the Fleet Study Group or on topics of interest to Fleet Study Group members.

Proceedings of Fleet Study Group Symposia:

Ladle,M.(Ed.) 1981. The Fleet and Chesil Beach: Structure and biology of a unique coastal structure. Proc of a symposium held at Dorset County Museum. ISBN 0-85216-288X. This book is currently out of print. Contents list

Ladle,M.(Ed.). 1986. The Biology of the Fleet. Proc of a special meeting of the Fleet Study Group, Abbotsbury, Dorset, in October 1984. pp28, ISBN 0-85216-393-2. This book is currently out of print. Contents list

Carr,A.P., Seaward,D.R., Sterling,P.H (Eds). 2000. The Fleet Lagoon and Chesil Beach. Proc. of the third symposium of the Fleet Study Group, held at Melbury House, Dorchester in October 1993. pp111. ISBN 0-952-4022-04. Copies are available to purchase from the Chesil Visitors Centre. Contents list

Other reports:

Acornley,R. 2004. Water quality monitoring in the Fleet Lagoon, 2002-2003. Environment Agency, Blandford, UK.

Duane,W.J., Bray,M.J. 2005. GPS survey of control markers on Chesil Beach: Technical report. University of Portsmouth, March 2005. 12pp+appendix. Unpublished. Appendix A gives precise location details for the markers. Full report

Weber,G.J., O’Sullivan,P.E. & Brassley,P. 2006. Hindcasting of nutrient loadings from its catchment on a highly valuable coastal lagoon: the example of the Fleet, Dorset, UK. 1866-2004.  Saline Systems. 2, 15.            Abstract            Full paper

Moxom,D. 2007. January storms and the MSC NAPOLI impacting on Chesil Beach and seabirds. June 2007. Download

Le Pard,Gordon. 2007. The wreck of the MSC NAPOLI and its effect on the Dorset Coast. Proc Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society, 128, 187-189.

Moxom, D. 2009. Swell wave event, 9th February 2009. Download

CEFAS. 2009. Report on dye tracing demonstration study in the Fleet. Paper in Joint EU CRL/USFDA International Workshop on the Application of Sanitary Surveys to Bivalve Mollusc Production Areas held 16-19th September 2008 at CEFAS, Weymouth, UK. (in Press)

The Fleet Study Group is building an extensive bibliography of publications relevant to Chesil Beach and the Fleet Lagoon. This is in an early stage at present but it will be made available here soon