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Deep indentations in the back of Chesil Beach caused by sea water flowing through the beach under storm conditions. This pushes the pebbles out and forms the hollows.
Car parking Car parks adjacent to the Beach can be found at Chiswell (3 off), Ferrybridge, Abbotsbury, West Bexington, Cogden, Burton Hive, and West Bay. There are no car parks along the shore of the Fleet.
Chapel Hill Chapel Hill is located just to the south of Abbotsbury near the upper Fleet. The chapel of St Catherine is a prominent landmark located on the top of Chapel Hill. For more details of the chapel go to the St Catherines website.
Chesil Cove The area of Lyme Bay adjacent to Chiswell off north Portland.
Chesters Hill A 55 metre hill south-west of Abbotsbury along the Upper Fleet.
Chickerell A small town north-west of Weymouth. Originally a farming and fishing village, but has grown considerably and become increasingly industrialised over the last 100 years. Visit the town website here.
Chickerell Hive The promontory between Tidmoor Point and Butterstreet Cove. A footpath runs down from the Coastguard Cottages on Fleet Lane. The huts on the point are believed to have been built as part of the RAF bomb ing range.
Chiswell The community on the southern end of Chesil Beach on north Portland. Originally called Chesilton. For detailed information and a good selection of pictures visit Geof Kirby's site by clicking here.
Clay Hard Point Located to the north of Langton Hive point at NGR SY635801.
Coastal footpath

The south-west coast footpath runs along the Fleet shoreline for most of its length. It is diverted inland at Langton Hive to run south of Abbotsbury and then rejoin Chesil Beach north-west of the Swannery. It is diverted to protect sensitive habitats in the upper Fleet. If walking in this area please respect this sensitivity and stay on the footpath.

From Abbotsbury the path runs along the back of Chesil Beach to West Bay. Note that it is diverted around the mainland side of Burton Mere to protect this wildlife haven.

There is a southwards spur off the main path at Ferrybridge onto Portland.

  Coastguard During the days of sailing ships there was a stong coastguard presence along Chesil Beach with lookouts and cottages at Chiswell, Wyke Regis, Chickerell, Langton Herring, Abbotsbury, East Bexington, Burton Bradstock and West Bay. At present there are no manned lookouts along the beach, with coverage provided when required from Portland Coastguard.
  Cogden Beach Located at NGR SY 502881 between Burtton Mere and Burton Bradstock. There is a good car park on National Trust land nearby, but it is a steep walk over rough ground to the beach. Note that the beach between Cogden and West Bexington is used by naturists.
  Dambusters See 'Bombing Range'
  Dog walking When walking your dog(s) around the Fleet please keep them under strict control and particularly keep them off the shore to minimise their impact on the birds that feed around the shoreline. We would ask you to be particularly careful on the sandflats at Ferrybridge. Please use the adjacent grassy area or Chesil Beach. Further west, dogs are allowed at Abbotsbury Beach and Cogden Beach, but are restricted at West Bexington, Burton Bradstock and West Bay. Visit the Dorsetforyou website for more information.
  Dragon's teeth The remains of anti-tank defences at the point where Chesil Beach meets the mainland at Abbotsbury. NGR SY506879.
  Duck decoy An arrangement of nets and poles to lure ducks into a closed area of netting where they can easily be caught. There is a decoy within Abbotsbury Swannery that was originally installed to provide food to the monks, but is now used to catch ducks for ringing. It may be the oldest surviving decoy in England.
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