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Last updated 27/4/2016

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Managing the Reserve

The Chesil Bank and the Fleet Nature Reserve lies within a European Marine Site, A special Protection Area (SPA) and a Special Area of Conservation (SAC). The relevant authorities of a European Marine Site are required to protect the habitats and species for which the site has been designated and there is a management scheme which provides the framework through which this will be achieved. This management scheme operates alongside the Ilchester Estates’ Management Plan and the Natural England Advice under the Habitats Directive.

The relevant authorities for the Chesil and Fleet European Marine Site are:

The authorities form the Chesil and Fleet Steering Group. They receive advice from the European Marine Site Advisory Group and scientific advice from the Fleet Study Group (FSG).

The aim of the management scheme is to maintain the Reserve as a European stronghold for lagoonal and shingle habitats and for breeding and migratory birds.

Guiding principles include integrating the European Marine Site management scheme with existing plans and initiatives, ensuring that all interested parties are kept informed and, where possible, involved in the management of the site, and monitoring and reviewing the management scheme to ensure its successful implementation.

The target groups for the scheme are the relevant authorities, regular users of the designated area, and other parties with an interest in the site.

This site provides information on the Reserve and how it is managed. For more information on the Reserve and events, recent sightings and other happenings visit the Reserve web site by clicking here