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Hamm Beach has been used for recreation by locals for many years. Initially it was used by families picnicking and swimming in the safe, shallow waters adjacent to the beach. In more recent years it has become popular with windsurfers because of the open aspect to the strong westerly winds while still providing comparatively calm water. A windsurfing school now operates from the beach.

The area is also popular for walking and much used by locals for walking and exercising dogs.

Other activities that have occurred in the past have included horseriding and mountain biking.

However, now that the environmental importance and sensitivty of the site are understood some of the more damaging activities are being controlled. Walkways have been provided and earth banks constructed to persuade people crossing from the Chesil car park to use a limited number of walkways and relieve the pressure of too many feet on the vegetation. Activities such as mountain biking and the use of vehicles on the vegetated areas are now banned.

One of the walkways across Hamm Beach

Yacht ashore
Yacht ashore after easterly gale - April 2008


Wind surfer
Wind surfer off Hamm Beach

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