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Chesil Beach and Fleet picture gallery


These pages present a series of pictures of Chesil Beach and the Fleet. The pages present low resolution thumbnails of the pictures. To view a higher resolution version of each picture click on the image of interest and a higher resolution version will load in a new window. To return to the the gallery click the back arrow in your browser.

The thumbnails are typically 350X220 pixel resolution while the high resolution pictures are mostly 800X600, although a few are either 640X480 or 1024X768. Most of the pictures were taken at 4 Megapixel resolution and the original high resolution pictures are available on request.

Copyright on all pictures is owned by the Chesil Multi-Media Project (CMMP). The pictures are made available on this site for personal, academic, educational and charity use only. If you use any of the pictures please acknowledge this web site as their source. If you would like to use the pictures for commercial purposes or would like the higher resolution images please contact ed@chesilbeach.org.

Each picture has a short description of the view, the date on which it was taken, and the UK Ordnance Survey National Grid Reference (NGR) of the location from which it was taken.

Click on an area of interest listed in the left-hand column of this and any other picture page to go to the page of choice.

The gallery will be updated with new pictures as circumstances permit.

This gallery has been optimised for users on a broadband connection. Dial-up users may experience significant delays, particularly when loading the higher resolution images.



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