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Chesil Multi-Media Project
CMMP Audio System

Part of the multi-media project is to provide audio in the Visitors Centre from microphones associated with the various television cameras. At present only two cameras have microphones: the inter-tidal camera (P1) and one of the rover cameras (R3). This audio is available in the Black Hut, but at present goes no further. The beach is a very hostile environment for sensitive microphones and several attempts to deploy standard microphones have resulted in failure after, at best, a few weeks.
A waterproof microphone has recently become available and if it survives initial testing will be used in conjunction with other CMMP video cameras.

.An audio modem to encode the data onto the fibre-optic cable is required, along with the matching modem in the Visitors Centre. At present no funding has been found for this system but it is hoped that progress can be made soon.




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