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Chesil Multi-Media Project
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The CMMP work falls into three media areas, hence the multi-media in the title. The instrumentation equipment is used to collect environmental data from a number of sensors. The video equipment provides pictures from a number of cameras located both above and below the surface of The Fleet. The audio equipment provides sound channels to accompany the video pictures.

The instrumentation system is now mature and well-proven. Most equipment failures are due to outside influences, primarily the harsh environment in which the equipment has to operate.

The video system has provided good service for five years. However, the number of cameras is about to be significantly increased. This will necessitate a significant upgrade of the video infrastructure.

The audio system is still developing and is currently stalled awaiting funding. There is some hope that this may make progress later in 2007.

All infrastructure equipment is purpose-built, with sensors bought-in as required.

Underwater sensors
Underwater temperature sensor
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