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CMMP Video System

The CMMP video system provides a number of remote television cameras and the requisite infrastructure to present the pictures to the visiting public in the Chesil Visitors Centre. The aim is to allow visitors to the Chesil Beach Centre access to views they would not otherwise be able to see.


underwater camera
Underwater camera before deployment
Cameras currently in use are:
  • High resolution colour camera with remote zoom and focus looking at The Fleet

  • Colour cameras on 150 and 400 metres of cable that can be moved around the beach. Used to support the little tern project and to monitor plant cover.

  • Colour inter-tidal camera to look at crustacea feeding on an incoming tide

  • Underwater colour camera located in wrecked pontoon on bed of Fleet looking a species such as two-spot gobies, grey mullet, bass, and corkwing wrasse.

  • Various concealed security cameras

The camera outputs feed a remote multiplexer and the selected channel is then passed via a video modem through the fibre-optic cable to the Visitors Centre. The pictures are then presented to the visiting public and can also be recorded on a video recorder.

A second set of fibre-optic modems have now been installed (October 2007) and this will feed a second display in the Visitors Centre which will be dedicated to one of the cameras, depending on the season.

Camera after deployment
Underwater camera after 1 year in the water
Cameras currently installed
Monochrome tower camera (T1) Operational Used for low-light level views of the Fleet shoreline
Colour tower camera (T2) Operational With remote zoom/focus. Views of The Fleet.
Colour tower camera (T3) Loaned out Wintertime surveillance of beach crest
Colour tower camera (T4) Awaiting installation Views of the tide board and nearby shoreline
Monochrome tower camera (T5) Awaiting installation Views of the Fleet shoreline
Roving camera (R2) Operational Views of the beach vegetation
Roving colour camera (R3) Stored Surveillance of little tern nesting colony
Beach crest camera (BC) Partially installed Camera located on crest of beach looking at Lyme Bay shoreline to monitor wave activity
Intertidal camera (P2) Operational Located just above low water springs
Deep underwater pontoon camera (P3) Operational Located within a sunken pontoon on edge of main channel.

A new underwater roving camera will shortly be available to deploy along the Fleet shoreline and in the main channel.

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